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Speaking about casinos and gambling in the U.S. in particular, the very first thing that flashes across the mind is definitely Las Vegas. Las Vegas is one place where you find all your gaming and gambling desires fulfilled. But keeping gambling aside, Las Vegas has established itself as the most entertaining place for people of all ages with the advent of entertaining theme parks and resorts, which makes it one of the major family attractions.

Casinos Stretching Boundaries

Now, casinos and gambling have sprawled across the length and width of the U.S. Landscape. Casinos have not limited themselves just to the land but also ventured into the sea as floating riverboat casinos in places like Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi and Missouri. Apart from them land-based casinos have spread almost in all parts of the country.

Tribal or Bingo casinos are famous in regions such as Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin.

The growth of large number of casinos is directly proportional to the rising interest in the minds of people towards gambling and entertainment. This interest has penetrated among all age groups and more importantly among all income groups.

The World Of Casino

Before jumping into the gambling game in casinos you can refer their website http://www.casinodirectory.com/uk/ and the individual should get himself accustomed to a number of terms and conditions regarding casinos and its variety of games. There are jargons and terms like betting chips, comp, tipping the dealer, etc., which might be quite new to a first time gambler. It is mandatory that one gets to know the real tactics of the gambling game if he really wishes to make some money.

Gambling – American Terms & Customs

For a first gambler entering a casino, it must have preconceived a particular picture of casino activities and behavioral traits to be followed inside.

In the U.S. Casinos it is pretty much common to see varied people with different attires in the same casino.

As far as dress codes are concerned, there is no such thing that is being followed in most of the U.S. Casinos.

There are a lot more to know about the U.S. Casinos to have a clear image of what really awaits you inside.

The Basics

There are some gambling tables, which have some preset bet requirements, and it is apposite for a player to know about those requirements before actually starting the game. Usually these requirements such as denominations would be painted or displayed on the screen.

The Casino Chip

When opting to play a table game, it is important to note the rectangular sign, which mentions the minimum, and maximum bets. It is usually colour coded and resembles to the colour of the casino chip.

White $1
Red $5
Green $25
Black $100

However it is better to have a clear look and understand the colour concept, since few casinos might follow a different code. It is always possible to exchange cash for chips at the table from the dealer, but at the close of the game, the chips can be exchanged for cash only at the cash counter since the dealer doesn’t have authorization to encash the chips.


When coming to the pay-offs section, different types of games follow different pay-off structure. In some games, the pay-offs are expressed as TO-1, while in games such as poker and roulette they are expressed in an entirely different manner.

In Video Poker Pay-off is expressed as FOR -1 and is usually based on the 3:1 concept. Wherein the player places one bet and it goes off with the bet and on winning he gets 3 units.

In Roulette games, pay-off is usually based on 35 to 1. Here the player places 1 unit on the table and it remains on the table until the result is determined and upon winning the bet, the winner get to receive 36 units, including the one which he placed for bet.


Bankroll is nothing but the funding part of the gambling which the gamer can afford to bet. The amount, which is decided to be spent in the casino, ought to be your entertainment expense and should not disturb your other budgetary expenses. Once decided, always stick on to that budget and never over play to compensate for losses already incurred.